Special introductory price on two new tortoise tables

duplex tortoise table for sale UK | 2 levels ideal for limited space or different species. This is one of our new tortoise tables for sale

Two new tortoise tables have been added to our product line up today 02/03/2014

We are very pleased to introduce an expansion to our range with these two new tortoise tables.

The first a beautiful space saving twin level tortoise table and for the second our new outdoor tortoise run with a mesh lid and built in house area for shade.

As with all of our tortoise tables these are made from only natural untreated solid wood for the safety of your pet tortoises. Built to a very high standard to last for years. Any of our tortoise tables can be fully customised to whatever your require.

These are available at a special introductory price for two weeks only, going up to their still very good value for money full prices after that. Check them out here:

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