For as little as £15 a starter pack can also be added when a tortoise table is purchased, it will consist of,

1 bag redigrass

1 bag hemp

1 bag calcium

100 watt reflector bulb

1 water dish

1  care sheet


5 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. We received the tortoise table we ordered for the tortoise we got my grandson’s for his 5th birthday, only yesterday after ordering it on Wednesday. Originally, we were a little stumped as to which would be best. When I called up for advice, the gentleman who dealt with my query was very helpful indeed.

    The tortoise table we decided to get (thanks to the help of the man on the phone) is perfect!! Well constructed and most importantly, ‘Brody’ seems to have settled in to his new home very well indeed.

    We also ordered a £15 starter pack with our tortoise table. We received everything, and the care sheet. as we are beginners in looking after tortoises.

    Otherwise, we are very happy with the service and our purchase! Thanks very much!

  2. Thankyou very much ken tortoises are settling in well.very happy with the table.big thank you for all your advice and support. Lorna and family

  3. We received our Tortoise table last week and are thrilled with it. More importantly Nemo and Paul love their new home. I have never seen them as curious, lively and active as i have since they moved in. We were given them in December in a vivarium. The best money i have spent in a while. Would definitely recommend these tables.

  4. i really want to get my two little tortoises a new home but i cant find one that is big enough all the ones i’ve seen are to small and rubbish but the ones i’ve seen on this website are amazing, and im sure my little tortoises would apretiate a new house so i may buy one but it would have to be quite big, by the look of theese though it certainly wont be rubbish 🙂

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