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All of our Tortoise Tables are hand crafted to a very high standard any of the tortoise tables featured here for sale can be fully customised to order.


We have many very satisfied customers, just view our comment section for their reviews of our Tortoises, tables and customer service!


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Captive Bred Tortoises

Young, captive bred, healthy and happy Horsfield tortoises for sale in the UK.

Door to door courier £45 anywhere in the uk. Delivery for tortoises is on Thursdays.


Horsfield tortoises are otherwise known as Russian tortoises and are smaller as adults than most pet tortoises. They make lovely friendly pets and with the proper care are a very long lived animal.

Not sure about caring for your new pet? Then give us a call, we have many years experience in tortoise keeping and their welfare and are more than happy to assist.

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