Tortoise Table with House and Picket Fence


Medium size hand built tortoise table with built in house and picket fence. Made with the best quality natural wood. Hand built in the UK.

On Legs

Do you require legs built in to this tortoise table?

Anti Climbing Lip

Do you require a built in anti climbing lip?

Exercise Door

Add a door in the side of the table so your tortoise can roam around. For ground level tortoise tables only.

Add a Basking or UV Bulb


Tortoise Table with House

Lovely wood tortoise table with house and picket fence.

The wooden, built in house has a removable lid for easy access and cleaning whilst the cute picket fence helps break up the roaming area creating places of interest for the tortoise to explore.

New for 2018 and just like all of our tortoise tables this one is very sturdily built and is made with the utmost care. You can customise this tortoise table by adding legs, an anti climbing lip or a door to the outer wall if you wish.

Have you seen our healthy, captive bred young horsfield tortoises yet? This tortoise table would make an ideal indoor home for a horsfield (sometimes known as Russian Tortoise) or any other young or small tortoise species.

This tortoise table can be made in any size that you require, use the “make an enquiry” button for a quote.

Dimensions 30”x 24”x 8” | Natural wood | Best quality metal fittings

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 24 × 8 in


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