Why a Tortoise Table?

Some pet shops still try to sell vivaria to tortoise owners, here’s a list of why a tortoise table is a much healthier habitat for a happy tortoise.

why a tortoise table | A happy healthy baby tortoise in his tortoise table
A happy, healthy baby tortoise demonstrating why a tortoise table is better than a vivarium

Why not a Vivarium:

  • poor ventilation can result in respiratory and shell infections
  • lack of floor space
  • high humidity resulting in unhygienic environment
  • being fully enclosed results in one temperature throughout the environment, being cold blooded your tortoise needs to be able to warm and cool its body by moving to warmer or cooler areas, usually not possible in a vivarium.
  • Expensive in large enough sizes to accommodate tortoises.
  • As the tortoise can see out of the glass they become frustrated when they cannot understand that it is a barrier, resulting in an unhappy tortoise developing the habit of butting his/her head on the glass trying to get out, very bad for their mental health.

Why a Tortoise Table:

  • Larger floor area to give your pet tortoise room to move freely and explore his habitat, giving him both physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Airy environment means tortoise shells keep dry and much less chance of fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Great ventilation (see above)
  • A variety of temperatures so that your pet tortoise can move around to cooler or warmer areas and control their body heat.
  • A wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs available, ours are all hand built from the very best quality real wood
  • The wood used in our tortoise tables is untreated so there is no chance of poisoning through ingestion of paint or other wood treatments beware of others that are varnished or painted!
  • Our designs are attractive and smartly finished and look great in any room of your home

I can build any size or style that you desire, just call, email or leave me a message on here for a quote. I build single or twin level tables, tables on legs, a double unit for housing tortoises separately, matching lids and light fittings for any of my tortoise tables and outdoor runs in any size.

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  1. Best tortiose tables I have ever seen on the internet I might be buying number three, penny and tuppuce are getting to big for this one

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