Young Horsfield Tortoises and Tortoise Tables for Sale

Hand Built Wooden Tortoise Tables for Sale and Captive Bred Young Tortoises

We hand build all of our tortoise tables from the best quality untreated wood (treated wood can be toxic to tortoises) and the finest fittings.

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Tortoise Tables for Sale Premium Quality

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Premium Tortoise Tables for Sale in the UK

Our beautiful craftsman made, wooden tortoise tables are built to the very highest standard using top quality wood and fittings to last. They are strong and designed with your tortoise’s comfort and well being uppermost in mind. They will keep your pet tortoise's mind as well as his body active keeping him fit and healthy and unlike vivariums they do not cause fungal infections on the skin and shells of your pet tortoises.

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Captive Bred Tortoises

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Captive Bred Tortoises

Captive bred tortoises for sale in the UK. Horsfield tortoises, otherwise known as Russian tortoises and are smaller as adults than most pet tortoises. They make lovely friendly pets and with the proper care are a very long lived animal. All our tortoises are legally captive bred, healthy and covered by our guarantee. Not sure about caring for your new pet? Then give us a call, we have many years experience in tortoise keeping and their welfare and are more than happy to assist.


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Outdoor Tortoise Runs

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Outdoor tortoise runs for your tortoise to enjoy the benefits of some fresh air and sunshine in safety. these are made from tanalised timber so you can leave it outdoors without any problems

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