New Tortoise Table Design Now Available

Beautiful wooden tortoise table on legs with shelf underneath
New Tortoise Table on Legs

This beautiful Tortoise Table on Legs was made as a custom order for a client and the feedback from it was so positive that I decided to make it a permanent part of my catalogue.

It has a built in shelf underneath for storage and a tortoise house with removable lid for easy access

This tortoise table measures in at 48”x 24”x 8” and retails for £170 (as of today, 20/01/2014).

I can make this table to any dimensions required and can change or add any features that you would like,  ie add another level with a ramp, spindle railings etc, just press the make an enquiry for this product button on it’s listing page.

add the products below to your shopping cart for a complete setup for your pet tortoise.

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